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Home & Office Harmonizer - Eliminates harmful effects of all common radiation in your house, apartme

Home & Office Harmonizer eliminates the harmful effects from all ordinary types of radiation in houses, apartments nd office buildings. It is effective on electrosmog from electrical installations, all types of geopathic stress from the round, radiation from mobile towers and other common external sources,
and radiation from wireless systems, V, PC, etc.
 The Home & Office Harmonizer is
an oak box with built-in technological modules which changes the radiation so that it will not have a negative effect on you. Most people feel calmer and sleep better after installing the Harmonizer, but the most important effect is that it reduces the danger of problems accumulating after long-time exposure to ordinary radiation. Extreme radiation, such as a high-voltage power line over the house, will not be completely harmonized. Ordinary radiation in a house is, on the other hand, so efficiently harmonized that it removes
100% of all measurable effects radiation has on the cells, as long as the source is not too close.
 The modules inside the box resonate with all radiation in the frequency ranges which the modules are design to resonate coherently with. The radiation follows the path of least resistance, and when it resonates with the modules in the box, they become the path of least resistance. To enable a full house range, a high-tech “antenna” is connected to the modules. When the radiation resonates with the modules in the box, a field is created with the same frequency but with a gentle sine-waveform. This field then synchronizes with the original and damaging radiation, and it becomes one harmonized field. The damaging high peaks get dampened, and the waveform is altered enough to remove the impact on your body.

Different types of radiation are in different frequency ranges, and the Home & Office harmonizer contains modules for all the ordinary types of radiation in a house, apartment or office. The field strength is not changed, and all the wireless systems work equally well; it is just the radiation’s waveform that is changed to remove the damaging effects on you.

The Home & Office Harmonizer works in a radius of about 70 meters (230 feet), and effects the radiation below the box. Place the box anywhere in a building, but as high as possible. For example, place it on top of a high shelf located on the top floor. The modules inside the box are placed in a special powder, so you will not have problems with the box being charged with radiation, but the box must be placed in a standing position at all times. The first time you use the box, use your fingers to tap a little on each side of the box and then on the bottom while holding the box upright. This is so the powder will even out, and lie flat in the bottom. Then put the box carefully in its place. If you move the box and do not hold it completely still, the tapping process must be repeated.
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