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PC Harmonizer - Reduces the harmful effects of radiation from computers by 95-98%

The PC Harmonizer kit contains one holographic matrix that resonates with the radiation of the computer’s microprocessor, and one that resonates with the 50/60 hz electrosmog. This radiation follows the path of least resistance, and the matrix of the Harmonizer is designed to resonate with the radiation, and therefore becomes the path of least resistance. When most of the radiation resonates with the PC Harmonizer first, a field is created with         the same frequency but with a gentle sine-waveform. This field then
synchronizes with the original and damaging radiation, and it becomes one harmonized field. The damaging
high peaks get dampened, and this decreases the radiation’s negative influence on the cells by 95-98%,
as long as you keep the computer t 20 cm distance or more from your body.
The PC Harmonizers are self-adhesive. The smallest one must be placed somewhere beside the touchpad on a laptop, and at the front on the upper part of a desktop. The largest sticker must be placed on the power adapter if you have a laptop, and next to the electrical input if you have a desktop computer.
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