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Cell Harmonizer – Removes bad cell-memory, increases cell-energy, and improves food and drinks

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05.12.2013 г.
     All cells have a liquid crystal aspect to their structure that are used for temporary information storage. These liquid crystal-
lines can contain old cell-memory from long term problems in the past. They also pick up information from the various electro-magnetic frequencies that we are exposed to daily. This has a very negative effect on our cell-communication and our selfcorrecting body. It is comparable with the slowness you experience when your computer’s RAM memory is full of old processes. On a computer this problem is simply solved by restarting it, and also your cells should be “reset” to optimize the cells function, cell communication, and our complete self correcting system.

        The Cell Harmonizer has special metal particles in the shapes of all known liquid crystallines, and it therefore gets in resonance with all the cells of your body. Through this process all the bad information stuck in the cells is erased.
This is similar to what happens if you put a magnet towards the magnetic stripe on a credit card; you delete the information. The crystallines will immediately retune to the correct programming from the brain. Through the process the energy of cells is also increased on a quantum level, by increasing the orbital of the molecular movement.
The side with silver alloyed particles focuses 70% of the effect on extraction of old and bad information, and 30% on increasing the cell`s energy. This side should be used the first 2 weeks. (Note that symptoms from old diseases might appear for a week or two. These symptoms appear because your body is reacting to the information while it is being erased.) The side with gold alloyed particles focuses 30% of the effect on extraction of old and bad information, and 70% on increasing the cell`s energy. Use this side after the first 2 weeks. Cell Harmonizer is personal, during the first two weeks it tunes to your cells, and then it will not have the same effect on anybody else.

Simply wear the card in your inner pocket. For acute problems, pull it slowly towards the affected area for a couple of minutes. Drinks and food can be harmonized to reduce the negative
effects of chemicals and pesticides, to remove toxic taste, and to increase energy. Do a test with two glasses of bad wine, water, coffee, or another liquid. Put the card under one glass with the silver side up, and keep 20 cm distance between the glasses. Leave it for 20 minutes or hold it in your hand for 2 minutes while lifting it up and down. Taste the difference and be surprised!
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