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Bread in the Palm of Your Hand

What follows is adapted from a book titled The Fundamental Laws of Human Existence and Survival by Dr. Victor Vergun, a Russian medical doctor and expert in information processing technologies. Dr. Victor VergunDr. Vergun is the leader of Ocean-TV, a group of Russian physicists and mathematicians who are studying the mechanisms of behavior and consciousness: the Laws of Life. Dr. Vergun also developed the water card, which the Spirit of Ma'at is currently testing and which, according to tests reported from Russia, "returns water to its pristine state" in just a few hours. See The Watercard: From Russia with Love in the December 2002 Spirit of Ma'at.

This article is taken from a book chapter focused on cultivating spiritual rebirth through a "unique method that allows people to acquire a skill that can achieve startling results." The method has been brought down to a program of exercises (see theory behind Dr. Vergun's program of exercises in last December's Spirit of Ma'at). Doing these exercises, Dr. Vergun maintains, can result in greater longevity, elimination of any disease, and the ability to organize and direct one's own thoughts and actions. Through this practice, he says, one can learn to become the creator of one's own destiny, fulfilling God's Will and Laws — "even though we may not quite know what they are!"

Throughout the following article, Dr. Vergun refers to what we have translated as "the Space," but which has no true equivalent in English. Where capitalized, "the Space" means the vibrational and empathic field that surrounds any gestalt of energy, whether this be a person, a family, a geographical region, or a society. It is akin to the local representation of the Unified Field described in quantum mechanics.

Dr. Vergun's entire book is in the process of being translated. The "Bread in the Palm of your Hand" chapter was adapted for this article as an exclusive preview for Spirit of Ma'at readers.

In the first place, and best of all, we should be offering a program for children, since it is well known that anything new is pretty badly perceived by the elders, and spreads only because it is well perceived by youth.

All well and good. But what should the rest of us do?

The method proposed below is universal and is equally efficient for everyone. It is fully expounded in my book, The Fundamental Laws of Human Existence and Survival, in the form of a program of exercises. Here, I will present one of the main exercises.

To begin with, as is customary, I will take a little time to consider and evaluate the shortcomings in society's development that this method seeks to correct.

Dis-Ease and the Rhythms of Space

In general, the history of a dis-ease of any country has very deep roots. For instance, England suffers from primness, Germany from self-insulation, Russia from fools and officials who embezzle public funds, France from a revolutionary mentality and, even more, a mess in sexual relations.

The case of America is more serious. There is a Russian proverb: "No one takes his own religion into someone else's church."[1] Americans went into someone else's "church" as barbarians. They destroyed the old culture, the ancient civilization of a People who were close to Nature, who understood and followed its laws.

The Rhythms of the Space one occupies consist of an enormous amount of smaller rhythms and vibrations. In order to blend into the Space correctly and live in harmony with it, it is necessary to be able to "catch" these rhythms.

How to do this, though?

These rhythms are heard in Nature and engraved into the ancient mythos, traditional songs, and culture of a folk inhabiting a given territory.

Thus, it is necessary to adopt this culture and study its natural rhythms.

Instead of this, people have gone the strictly technological way of evolution, distorting the laws of Nature. We have destroyed the natural-generic vibratory system, and have broken the process of birthing through the use of technological devices. These devices take enormous areas of Nature out of their natural condition, in the process destroying the harmonic spiral and rhythms of living matter and transforming it into dead matter — a technological mutation.

We have acquired the distorted mentality of consumers. We have been transformed into mechanisms: bio-robots.

When Americans destroyed a whole indigenous nation, they destroyed the very fabric of this nation's culture. Now, this layer no longer exists, either culturally or spiritually. And Americans are being punished for that right now. They are reaping what they have sown in destroying the Rhythm of the Space of America.

What we presently identify as civilization or progress is indeed an all-out degradation and decomposition of everyone and everything.

Any law limits some rights and liberties. But there are many different laws, including ones we are not aware of. These laws may require us to act in ways that we have not yet discovered.

Not a single generation of Americans grew up without absorbing the strict postulates of obedience to a set of clichés: the "average American," a "healthy lifestyle," the "American dream," and so on. And when a person's life is made subservient to such rigid programming, the element of creativity disappears. Rigid programming disperses a very large amount of our energies. And since programs are not "living," they actually lead to the destruction of microscopic blood vessels in our Bodies.

We are also spending a lot of energy creating machines and mechanisms that are not needed by anyone, and especially not needed by Nature.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

What is your opinion about silicone breasts?

And how about artificial teeth, which greatly reduce a human being's system of orientation in the natural energy-informational environment?

What about plastic food like super-pasteurized, homogenized milk, beer, and "juice drink"?

What is your opinion about a beautiful suit made from pure wool but lined with acetate?

What do you think about the irrepressible desire of doctors to cut out your tonsils and appendix, perform vaccinations, and birth children through Caesarean sections — all presented as the best possible solutions and greatest achievements of civilization?

What will you say about kindergartens and other educational institutions where our children are being transformed into bio-robots and dumb dimwits?

How do you like highly "artistic" movies? Evening leisure in a bar with a glass of beer in the atmosphere of poisonous cigarette smoke?

What would you say if I stated that America, closely followed by Germany, England, and Japan, is the country of the least freedom? A place where the famous "liberties" are imprisoned within a Procrustean bed of social restrictions. Where every step of the individual is strictly designated?

For what reason are we born here on Earth?

What do you think?

We are given birth — think of this! — one at a time. Unique and inimitable, we are created in the image and resemblance of God. We are given birth by the Creator.

Was it done in order for us to work? In order for us to earn the money for a so-called "living"?

Were we given birth in order to perhaps spend our lives standing behind a cash register in a bank? In order to spend our whole life working as a programmer, an economist, or a manager, solving problems that nobody needs a solution for, doing what the boss says to do?

But the boss, too, has long ago forgotten what is needed, and just wants to make money. He has a job to do. He has to produce the milk that is unsafe to drink, the suits with the plastic linings that are unsafe to wear, the hormone-laden poultry that is unsafe to eat.

Were we born in order to move papers around in an office with a clever look on our faces, breathing air that has been destroyed by the air conditioner — and dreaming of the weekend?

We all live in a world of illusions and artificially created social forms of life that have no relation to the laws of Nature. It is terrible not to understand that even one pulled out tooth (yes, even a wisdom tooth) creates disaster and misery for the organism. It is terrible not to understand that we cannot continue to survive wearing plastic cloth, even less producing it! That we cannot continue to survive if we make fools of our own children, get vaccinated, have our "spare parts" cut out.

We cannot continue to survive if we blindly entrust our health to doctors, a group of people who are considered omniscient — even though most of them joined their profession for reasons of money and prestige. The propagation of the cult of "the medical profession" has led to a situation where people completely abdicate responsibility for their own health and place it upon these doctors.

The responsibility for one's own health is personal. It belongs to ourselves, and no one else. Giving this over to the medical profession kills the habit of being attentive to ourselves, listening to our own bodies, understanding intuitively what is useful and what is harmful.

If someone wanted to help a man lying on a ground, it would not be unusual in today's society for the man to raise his head and say, in a weak voice: "If you are not a doctor, do not touch me." Yet no diploma can speak for an individual's personal or professional qualities!

Do you know that a sick doctor is not suitable for his role? Yet according to a research study recently conducted in Russia, one hundred percent of the students in medical schools have chronic diseases!

And what about sick politicians, teachers, businessmen who immorally advertise bad products? Do sick parents, strictly speaking, have a right to have and bring up children?

We cannot continue to survive if we keep working just for the sake of making money. That is the life of a slave. We cannot continue to survive if we use products made by slaves. In fact, products made without inspiration and joy are counter to our survival.

It is impossible to survive and still lie, thieve, or work until late at night and on weekends. It is impossible to survive and not take time out to read. It is impossible to survive and try to live according to a prearranged plan.

It is terrible not to understand all these things. But it is even more terrible not to understand that we do not understand!

We all want to live happily and joyfully, do good unto others, participate in charity, and raise healthy, intelligent children rather than dolts and drug addicts. But how will we know whether we are doing what is right or simply acting out of programmed ideas? How can we know whether we are truly Living on planet Earth — or simply existing?

And how did it happen that our physical bodies changed long ago into chemical ones? How did it happen that our bodies and our lives are stuffed with pills, hot dogs, supplements, and fast food?

All this "grandeur" is being implanted in our heads from morning to night by advertising, doctors, parents, the media — and, ultimately, by the government. This government supports the corporate magnates who earn their millions on these products. And then this same government spends billions of the taxpayer's dollars to avoid the consequences.

Reaching Paradise on Earth

But let us wait just a little longer, we think. Soon, general happiness and a well-provided, carefree life will start for everybody. We are but half a step away from Paradise on Earth! Even though we have become crippled on this crooked path up the mountain,[1] very soon, we think, we will we come down into a green valley and a boundless oceanside. Yes, very soon we will enjoy sunshine and cool breezes. Very soon we will be pacified by the magnificence of Nature in plenty, giving us of her inexhaustible wealth.

Is not everything we do useful and necessary? If we just keep on doing it, will not Somebody Very Big and Clever and Good, sitting Up There, approve our actions and reward us for our labors? Will we not receive great bounty in return for our modest contribution to the enormous piggybank of the Evolution of Life...?

Alas, alas, alas. We forget that we ourselves are this Somebody. And our fascinating journey up the crooked mountain path looks from above like a meaningless and helpless floundering in bullshit. And the Most High is looking with sadness at our fantastic activity of anihilating each other.

He is looking at what we all change into.

This whole modern racing for goods and happiness is like the old Russian anecdote about a moose:

In the morning the moose awakens after a night of drinking. His head rattles and splits.

He goes to a spring to drink water. But there is a Huntsman in ambush there.

The Huntsman aims at the moose, and ba-boom! But the moose continues to drink!

The Huntsman once again, ba-boom! The moose keeps drinking.

The Huntsman, in perplexity, takes a couple more shots.

Finally, the Moose raises its head and speaks: "I don't understand anything. The more I drink, the worse I feel!"

That is how it is in life: We actively do everything to destroy ourselves, and then wonder why things are so bad.

We have traded a true, subjective reality for an objective, abstract one. This cult of objective reality, so long formed in our society, is actually a mental disease. It has no relation to Life. We have ceased to think. We simply follow instructions. Our thinking is formalized to absurdity.

A lady buys a microwave and decides to dry up her pet inside of it. Why not? The instructions did not warn her that this should not be done. As a result, of course, the poor animal dies. But the lady sues the company and receives a decent settlement. The insane popularity of lawsuits, and the increasing number of young people longing to enter the promising and well-provided legal profession, have led to a situation where everyone is ready to bite someone else's head off. Looking for ways to enrich ourselves, we file lawsuits wherever and whenever possible.

Ah, yes, people go to their work with joy and pride. It is simply delightful to see how much everybody loves their work.

But when people are involved in activities that become the only thing to which they are accountable, the only thing they believe in, these activities change into manias. Ninety percent of our products are useless. We have all turned into into maniacs.

It is becoming more and more popular to go to magicians and fortunetellers to hear what we may expect to have happen in the future — instead of learning how to create our own lives and destinies. The only thing we can expect to have happen in the future is that which we have created for ourselves!

Some are addicted to religion, but do not particularly bother with the idea of fulfilling God's laws. They have simply escaped from life to the religious groups.

Some are concerned with Nature. They live off the land and feel self-satisfied, having exchanged the usual manias for a different one.

Is there a way out of this deadly cultural embrace, this spiritual "coma"?

Yes, there is. I am offering you a method for changing Life itself, increasing its quality and making it richer. I am offering you the opportunity to begin to revive — to live.

Is this method the most efficient? Even more than that, it is the only way I have found that actually works. All other ways have already been tried, with zero result.

Aligning with Spirit

What is the essence of spiritual development?

Jesus Christ conveyed this in two words: "Obey the Spirit."

We must listen to our own Soul with our Body. The Body — not the brain — is the mechanism we must learn to use. For the brain only processes information received by the Body, from each and every cell.

The deeper we learn to perceive the Body's information — more precisely, the energy-information field of the surrounding Space, along with its different ambiences and conditions — the more of the brain's grey matter will be involved in processing this information.

And the more finely we learn to perceive this information that is offered by every cell of our Bodies, the greater volume of the white matter of the brain will be put to work.

Let's try to understand it in another way.

  • The Body listens to the Soul.

  • The Soul lives in God (not in the Body).

Consequently, our Soul knows absolutely everything that is going on in the world, in all the volume of the Space-Time (thought is physical; images spread instantaneously — they have no velocity).

The Soul knows how attentive we are and how well we are able to listen. The Soul knows how well we are able to hear it with our Bodies.

So, once again, we come to the necessity to learn to use our Bodies.

Regrettably, the idea that perception of the surrounding Space — including matter and our own Bodies — is an objective phenomenon is widespread in the modern world. We have become accustomed to perceiving our own Bodies in the abstract. And this way of perceiving has led to general degradation, disastrous changes, and breaches in all the spheres of Life.

In order to change this situation, we need to begin regarding our Bodies (and everything else) subjectively. That is to say, we need to learn how to perceive and hear each cell of our own organism — hands, legs, fingers and organs — at every instant.

At every instant!

This is the way of spiritual rebirth. And not only that, it is necessary for our survival. In order to evolve as a species and not to die out, we must learn how to become continuously tuned in to the perception of the surrounding Space.

The necessity to be tuned in to the surrounding Space is a fundamental Law of Life. It is not possible to evolve unless we listen continuously with our own Bodies to the Space that surrounds us.

In each instant of Life.

When we stopped listening, we stopped living.

Identifying the Air We Breathe

In order to make real the continuous perception of our Space, we need to build a new skill, a skill that can be acquired by means of certain exercises.

The first of these exercise, and the most basic one, will now be presented to you.

First of all, we need to become acquainted with the Space that we are living in. So let's begin.

    Go to a window of your room, open it wide, and lean out as far as you can without falling.

    Now, slowly and with enjoyment, inhale the fresh air several times (it is better to do this in the morning or at night). Sense the air's aroma and freshness. Feel yourself being saturated with this freshness and invigorating energy.

    Now, as you are breathing out the window, try to evaluate the resulting condition of freshness and the scent of your own Space. In other words, sense a "quality" of the air or Space, something unusual in the freshness and aroma of the air that is not felt when you are out on the street, and even less when you are in a stuffy room.

It can be said that we do not notice the quality of the air we breathe — the condition of the Space. When we were children, we knew how to do this, but we paid no attention to this ability. Now, as adults, we generally have no idea about any of this. We have forgotten.

This simple exercise will help you to establish a dialogue with the environment and always to remember that it's there. It should be done every day — even several times a day — until you get accustomed to feeling and distinguishing the scent, aroma, and taste of the fresh air.

Coming out of a building onto a street, do not forget to first test the Space: Take a breath of identification. Then, as you proceed along the street, try not to lose the sensation of that first breath.

We should never breathe in an abstract way: inhale, exhale. There is no sense in that kind of breathing. Instead, feel and identify each (!) breath, and at the same time listen and feel what it is that you are breathing in. Listen to how the invigorating energy penetrates your body, and what happens to it after that.

In the East it is said, "A fool breathes with his lungs, but clever men breathe with their feet."

Each breath must be under your control. Specialists recommend that you breathe with your belly. Instead, after the breath reaches your belly, see how it fills your whole body with air, from head to toes.

Have you met with the Space? Wonderful! Well done!

It is said in the East that: "If you are relaxed, you are filled up." This means relaxation fills up every cell with a bio-field — with energy.

To be oneself means to be conscious and totally relaxed. Only in this state can a person listen to God's Will, understand what is happening, and act appropriately.

So now, finally, we have arrived at the Bread in the Palm of your Hand exercise. It's all about...

Listening to the Sky

Attention! It is necessary to do this exercise daily. It takes only five minutes, but has a tremendous effect. Gradually, your organism, and its every cell, will become used to expanding its perceptions.

  1. Take a piece of bread and break it into two halves. Put one half on a table, and the other in the palm of your hand.

  2. Sit down. Get comfortable. Relax your body as much as possible, with the hand that is holding the bread resting on one knee.

  3. Exhale, visualizing or imagining your breath as a steam that carries away all your cares.

  4. Shift your breath from its usual, jerky rhythm to a steady rhythm of inner peace and balance.

  5. Are you ready? Is the big toe of your left foot relaxed? You don't know? Check it out. And how about your beloved bowel? Knees? Your tongue? Are they all relaxed? Good!

  6. Now you have only to relax the back of your head, and we will consider you to be prepared for the flawless execution of the following instructions. Realize that doing this exercise perfectly is for you alone. Nobody else is watching. Only you.

  7. Become aware of your hand on your knee, with the bread in its palm, and listen to your Body with the palm of that hand. Just listen. This is not about going into a state of meditation or baseless delight. Just sit there in a balanced, human way, and listen.

  8. Now, with your palm, listen to the Sky. You are using your organs of feeling — in this case, your sense of touch.

  9. Once you are listening to the Sky with the palm of your hand, begin listening to how the palm Starts filling up with the Sky. It becomes heavy. Very heavy. It may feel as though your palm is becoming bigger, perhaps even swollen. Or, even better, it may begin to feel light, like a feather.

  10. Allow the sensation in your palm to grow stronger. Heavier, or more feathery. You are listening with your palm. Listening.

  11. When your palm Starts to overflow with the Sky, the Sky will start trickling, in a fine stream, into your body. This happens only when your palm is overflowing with the Sky.

  12. Now, at the same time that you are listening to the Sky with your palm, begin listening to the Sky with your Body. Remember the two preparatory exercises. So listen to the Sky, and also listen to the Space and to the quality and scent of the air you are breathing.

  13. Watch your state of inner peace and balance. The more attentively we are listening to the condition of our every cell, the higher the cells' sensitivity becomes.

  14. Now, pay attention to how the bread is listening to the Sky. After all, it is lying in your palm. Realize that there was a time when the bread was ears of wheat growing in a field. Those ears of wheat knew how to listen to the Sky, to the Sun, to the Earth. But they have been cut, ground, carried, shaken, and, finally, baked. Thus, they have been deprived of their natural properties. Their natural state has been destroyed. By listening with your palm to the Sky, you are helping the bread to recall what it used to be, helping it to remember its own natural state — helping to restore that which was destroyed during the technological processing.

  15. Some people can even feel how the bread begins to come alive and breathe in their hands.

  16. In a few minutes, smell the bread — but not the way a policeman checks a driver to see whether his breath stinks of alcohol. Instead, sense the quality of the scent. Find several overtones in it. Notice how much finer, richer, and more harmonious the scent has become.

  17. Many people, in their disbelief, think that the scent of the bread has changed because of the heat of their palm. If you think this, try an experiment: Listen to the Sky with something between your palm and the bread. Anything will do — a plate, a book, a piece of wood or metal. The effect will be the same, even though your hand is not warming the bread.

  18. Now, pick up the other half of the bread, the part that was lying on the table. Place it on your other palm, and compare the scent and taste with that of the bread that was in the first hand, listening to the Sky. The piece of bread that was in your hand before will be tastier; its aroma will be finer and richer.

Note that this exercise can be done with any other food or drink, and the product will become health-giving and tastier. Or it will unless the product you use contains a lot of artificial components. In that case, these shortcomings may become more obvious, and the smell may become even less pleasant than before.

The same thing happens with our own organisms, with every cell of our Bodies. The better we can listen to the surrounding space and listen to how our cells listen to it — the better we can feel all this in each instant — the better will be the condition of each cell in our Bodies, and the more natural, young, and physiologically sound each of them will be.

And when the condition of our cells changes in this positive way, our internal energy immediately changes accordingly.

When, with every cell of our Bodies, we listen to the Sky, the Sun, the Stars, and the Space, we do not get old. We are now in the physiological and psychical condition that was originally conceived by our Creator. This is a necessary condition of life.

We all must learn to perceive the geophysical processes continuously. In order to do that, it is necessary to learn to listen, not stopping even for a moment, not forgetting. Just as you always breathe, always listen with every cell of your Body.

It's important not to break off this process of perception. Keep listening, even when you are doing things like talking with people, singing, dancing, making decisions, cooking dinner, watching TV, or even reading this text.

And when we all do this in the right way, optimally, following the Law of survival and preservation of the family, what happens to us will be what happened to the bread in the exercise. For the condition of the bread was simply an outward manifestation of what was happening, at the same time, with the cells in your Body. The cells changed in the same way that the quality of the bread changed.

  1. Now, place the bread on the table and feel its surface, using the same palm with which you were listening to the Sky. Touch the other palm, and compare. Can you feel the difference? The surface of the palm that was listening to the Sky is softer and warmer. And this change has happened in just five minutes, while you were listening to the Sky and the Space.

Can you imagine what will happen with our bodies if we constantly listen to the Sky, the trees, the Sun, and the Space? All of our cells, our entire Bodies, will become "soft" and "feathery."

Indeed, then our bodies then will be in the condition that has been intended by the Creator.

Remember the postulate of Jesus the Christ? "Obey the Spirit." We are rephrasing it in this way: "Obey the unceasing perception of the surrounding Space that contains information about Life."

This is the main, fundamental Law of Existence and evolution of a person. And not only a person, but all living beings. The whole of existence.

The living matter cannot in principle exist without fulfilling this law and observing it strictly and absolutely.

In ancient times, people knew how to live this way. But since then, this knowledge has been forgotten. Now, we must return to this most ancient and important Law of Existence. The main reason for our general degradation — all kinds of diseases, our inability to realize what is occurring, our short, miserables lives of some fifty to a hundred years followed by an early death — this entire technological path of evolution is caused by the fact that we have lost our ability to perceive the surrounding Space.


Our cells became denser, like that second piece of the bread lying on the table.

A Body ceased to be a Body and simply became some abstract, muscular, biological mass.

Are you able to feel the tips of your toes? Do you feel them constantly, particularly when you are walking on a street or working at your beloved job? Or do you think of your leg as some biological mass? When you are walking on a street, when you are penetrating the Space with your powerful (and sickly) bio-energy structure (remember, we felt this Space with our hands), do you feel the resistance, the pressure of the Space, the very process of penetrating the Space with your every cell? Is walking painful? Or, instead, is it very smooth and pleasant? And if it is pleasant, for whom? For you? For the Space itself?

These days, many try to describe the mechanisms of degradation in terms of the hothouse conditions in which people are living. They enumerate the influences of language, food, technological devices, climate changes, and so on.

Certainly, all of that is a fair assessment. But this is not the whole truth, and the roots of that truth are not in this description.

The main mechanism of degradation is the loss of perception. It is necessary to listen to the Space at every moment. Whatever we do, whether we are working or resting, building a house or talking with our beloved or our mother-in-law, we must first of all listen to the Space. And only then, listening to the Space, may we listen to all the rest.

Listen to the vibrations of the Universe with the vibrations of your own cells, blood vessels, muscles and bones. When we listen to the Space, we tune in to geophysical processes, where the energy-informational interchange of matter occurs, its unceasing synthesis and evolution.

The Law of Synthesis

Let me cite one more fundamental Law of the Existence of matter.

It is the Law of Synthesis.

This is a Law of transformation. The fulfillment of this law is impossible without matter's perception of the Space and its interaction with other material objects.

The Law of Synthesis is an unceasing process.

Our Body lives by this law, too. The unceasing process of synthesis of our physical Bodies is only possible through the principle of the eternal existence of matter. The very existence of our Bodies confirms this law.

The purpose of the exercises not discussed in this article is to learn to perceive the Space with our whole Body, and thus to master the task of unceasing perception — perception at every instant, particularly when occupied by something else, not stopping the process of perception even for a moment — constantly taking the sensations of perception to deeper and deeper levels.

This is a very difficult task. We have lost the habit of self discipline. It has become very troublesome for us to fulfill the Laws of Life.

In the beginning, before practicing the exercises, reread the instructions. Each time you do, you will find a new layer of information in the text.

Good luck!

Dr. Victor Vergun
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