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Gold BioGenesis Cards

Russian Psychotronic
Gold BioGenesis Cards

These are brand new, a higher level technology than the Harmony cards. Gold on one side and silver on the other, they are 8 times more powerful than the Harmony BioResonator cards of similar size.

As you will note, we have no photographs of the gold cards to show you. This is because the metallic elements refract the scanner light in such a way that we end up seeing a rainbow of colors — and that's not what appears to the naked eye.

To the eye, the card surface (under the lamination) is made up of shiny metallic particles in a random pattern of glittering gold on one side and silver on the other. As such, not only are these cards much more powerful than the "regular" cards of similar size, but they also are very beautiful.

We have two versions of the Gold BioGenesis Cards to offer you:
Personal Size and Building Size.

The Personal Size cards, with an effective area of 2-by-3½ inches (not counting the lamination margin), are designed as a professional healing tool. Held in the hand, they massively amplify and cohere the healer's intent and energy. According to Dr. Vergun, they are about 8 times as powerful as the "regular" personal size cards.

The Building Size Gold cards, 4-by-4-inches square, are about four times as powerful as the Personal Size Gold Cards. Dr. Vergun suggests that they also may be used for healing, where something more powerful than the personal size is needed, but they are mainly intended to harmonize and clear the living or office space. One idea he mentioned is to find a nature photograph that really feels good to you, then frame the photo for hanging, placing the Gold Card in back of the art work.

Both of these cards contain the entire spectrum of energies represented by each one of the 200 crystal formation known to science. When you hold one of the Gold BioGenesis Cards, you have in your hand the energetic equivalent of a Life Source Generator. In a room, they resolve the discordant energies created by square corners and faulty proportions, and fill the entire space with Golden Mean vibrations.


"During Dr. Vergun's workshop, I brought one of the personal size Gold Biogenesis Cards home to see if it could help the pain in my roommate's foot. A heavy object had fallen in the area behind her toes, and she could barely walk. She also had absolutely no expectation that this little card was going to help.

I held the card in my hand and worked on her foot by moving the card in and out while focusing on removing the pain and congestion. At certain times I felt prompted to move the card rapidly outward while turning it away, as though tossing off the "heavy chi." This was all done with the silver side toward the foot, as Dr. Vergun had told us that this side was used to remove pain, toxicity, etc.

After about three minutes, my roommate told me that the pain was dramatically relieved. At this point, I turned the gold side toward her foot, and filled the affected area with good energy.

From that time forward my roommate was able to walk on the foot without pain."

S.B. — Sedona

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