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Harmony BioResonator Cards

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06.12.2013 г.

Russian Psychotronic
Harmony BioResonator Cards

These are the "water cards" you've heard us talk about, designed by Dr. Victor Vergun and his team of Russian scientists

Experimental Nature of the Cards

We have to emphasize that the Harmony BioResonator Cards are to be considered, in the United States, at least, as experimental devices.  We can make no claims for them, other than to say that the cards have been subjected to stringent test protocols in Russia, England, and other countries, all proving that they actually work just as Dr. Vergun says they do.

What They Are and How They Work

In December 2002, we published an article titled WaterCards: From Russia with Love. It was about a new technology brought forth by a Russian doctor, Victor Vergun, and his team of scientists.

The devices they have created are small cards impregnated with a new fractal technology. These cards are used in Russia to regenerate energy fields, including returning water to its pristine, springlike condition. (We've seen one of the cards turn a murky glass of water completely clear in a few seconds.)

The card you will use most often is no bigger than a typical business card. Larger cards (about 6 inches tall, and another that's the same width and 4 inches tall) come with various nature photos or designs on the front and can be hung on the wall in a picture frame to harmonize your living space. Tiny ones (about 1 x 1½") can be inserted into cellphones to protect the human aura from being fractured by radiation.

You can find more information about Harmony BioResonator Cards



Neither the health-related statements nor any other statement in this document has been evaluated by the FDA of the United States or any other alleged or actual U.S. governmental body.

If you seek assistance with any medical condition, the law requires that we advise you to consult with a licensed practitioner.

The Harmony BioResonator Cards are experimental and psychotronic in nature. In ordering and using them, you acknowledge that you take personal responsibility for whatever results are achieved.

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