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Uses for the Cards


I just thought you would be inte rested in what we discovered today. We placed a cup of regular tap water on an Intrinsic Data Field Anal zer and it registered as very toxic. After that, we placed the same toxic water for 2 minutes on the BioResonator card. Then we laced the "treated" water back on the Intrin sic Data Field Analyzer, and after just 2 inutes on the BioResonator card, it regi stered as not only pur
e and clean,
but good for e to drink (which I did). So thank y ou so much for letting me know about this
"experimental device." I'll e putting it to good use." GW — Los Angeles, CA Dr. Vergun visited us in Payson in Apri  of 2003, and at Drunvalo's house we all received a demonstration of the cards and a teaching of Dr. Vergun's sensitivity xercises. Meanwhile, much more than the amelioration of dr inking water is involved here. The cards, Dr. Vergun says, are "self-attuning, se lf-regulating resonators of a wide spectrum of operational apacities, with a unique set of frequencies of living matter. The y automatically attune and
rehabilitate any process accordig to the laws of Nature." Because these cards interact with psychotronic f actors, it is difficult to test them in a normal laboratory. However, we received so many requests from people who wished to purchase the cards, and have been so impressed in working with them ourselves, that we took the steps necessary to ake them available to our readers. Uses for the Cards Here are a few things (adapted from his User's Guide  that Dr. Vergun feels we might use the cards to work with productivel y for our personal well-being:  egeneration of organs, tissues, bones, and vessels; • ncreased harmony in our thinking, bringing our houghts (and therefore, our words and actions ) into alignment with
all that preserves piritual and physical health; • Making better choices in life: using the cards to become aware of the vibrations of our personal decisions and alert us to ones that ight have unwanted future consequences; Increasing our protection and safety: using the ards to become aware when vibrations in ur environment are not conducive to our well-being;  Alleviation of chronic fatigue; •verall rejuvenation of the physical body. In addition to installing one in our cellphone, Dr. Vergun also suggests hat we: • ape the personal-size cards to the hot and cold water pipes coming in to our living space;  lace the personal-size cards in various loca tions in our automobiles to improve our riving experience, ameliorate cntamination, and offer protection; ut the roomsize cards up in our office build ings to increase harmony and health in the orkplace; put the cellphone- or personal-size cards on the collars of our pets and into the bookbags of our children; ape the personal-size cards to ll electromagnetic devices (tvs, computers, etc.) to protect ourselves from harmful radiation; and •lace a personal-size card under our pillow for a good night's sleep. Develop Inner Sensing Abilities f perhaps equal importance in connection ith the Harmony BioResonator Cards is Dr. Vergun's unique system of sensitivity training. Were all aware of the need to develop our "inner senses" — but how do we go bout doing that? Is there a tr aining method we can use that will actually achieve the results we seek? In this area, Dr. Vergun has developed a system that is unique in the world, and which can benhanced through use of the BioResonator Cards. The system consists of a set of exercises that ill enable us to reclaim our ability to sense the subtle energies of our environment, including
that of our own bodies and other life forms. Inoing so, we are actual ly putting our own life systems into resonance with the highest level of atural Law, creating health, happiness, and longevity for ourselves. I have been experiencing constant pain in my hip joint for over a year. I have applied every olistic method of healing to this area as well s considered every possi ble energetic reason for his painful experience. I was dressing one morning, a few days after the cards arrived, when I eceived guidance to place a card n the painful hip joint. I tape d one of the cards directly over he area that was hurting. WOW! Within 15 minutes  was pain free. I am thrilled. I did take it ff the first evening and the pain had returnedy morning. Right now I am wearing it 24 hours. y partner was having sharp back pains, so Iaped a card to his lower back. Later, I asked, How's your back?" He looked rather amzed and stated, "Hey, it doesn't hurt."This is awesome. I wanted you to know. Tha k you dear Drunvalo, and thank Dr. Vergun and his team." PB — Felton, CA e have published a description of the theo ry behind Dr. Vergun's program of exercises at xcerpts from Dr. Vergun's Book  This material exists now here else in the English language. Also, in a more recent article translated from the book, we have published extremely detailed nstructions for performing the exercise Dr. Vergun calls Bread in the Palm of Your Hand . It is he root exercise of his method and is thene he taught to us all at Drunvalo's house. e have learned that, by combining this kind of sensitivity training with the use of the Harmony ioResonator Cards, we can speed up our process of coming into alignment with the Natural ibrations of the universe.nd so we feel that, whatever ot her results we may achieve in usi
ng the cards, we will be fine-uning our ability to be aware of the Unseen Univ erse that, in these times
of great change, isecoming more and more impactful upon our lives.
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